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Clouds could very well be the freest things in nature. We’ll have a super time. You do whatever works for you. Start with a small amount and blend upward. Beautiful little roundy-hill-type things. Let’s make a wild mountain today. Tell you what: let’s get crazy today.

A half a hair and some air. A winter scene that’s very warm, very pretty, and will just make you feel good. That’s a fantastic little cloud. Let some little things just shine through. Mountains are so simple that they’re hard! As long as you have fun and learn from it, nothing is wasted. Pretend you’re a whisper floating across here.

Cherish it! Take care of it! You can always add more if you want it. Always doing the things furthest away first and working forward. You can do it! Very, very… let me say that one more time: very. Sometimes the brush is lazy. That blue is so strong, it’ll eat up your whole world in a heartbeat.

Maybe we will have a little moon up here. We don’t want to overload it, just a little bit. (chuckles) Just beat the devil out of it. Don’t think there’s anybody that doesn’t like mountains. Well, maybe there is. Look at your painting and make a decision. Painting used to drive me crazy. Sometimes it’s fun to play little games in your mountains.

Do you want to get crazy? Let them have a good time in your world. Throw in some happy little things wherever you want them. I’ll bet you didn’t realize you had that much power. You knew it was there all the time. Sometimes we get crazy here. You really cannot make a mistake here.

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